Thursday, February 28, 2019


I don't think it's overkill to have a throw on as many chairs as possible.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

"wisdom breathes life"

Wisdom breathes life into her children
and admonishes those who seek her.
He who loves her loves life;
those who seek her will be embraced by the Lord.
He who holds her fast inherits glory;
wherever he dwells, the Lord bestows blessings.
Those who serve her serve the Holy One;
those who love her the Lord loves.
Sirach 4:11-14

Monday, February 25, 2019

a great invention

I don't go anywhere without a sweater, just in case, and they are mostly acrylic. It's easier care than wool and quite warm, but these sweaters get pilled and I used to think I just had to put up with that.

Then I remembered that I had this little thing in the drawer. It works like a charm; sweaters that I was embarrassed about because they were so fuzzy looking are smooth now and like new!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

good to remember

"...prayer keeps evil's plague away,
and draws from life its weariness."

- from a 10th century hymn

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

real progress

My brother had to call me at work today - couldn't wait till the evening - when he was going out this morning, Mr. Kibble was there; he brought out a dish of food and decided to scratch his back, he rubbed his side, he Petted his Head! Mr. Kibble was looking up at him while he petted him on the head! Hurrah!

Monday, February 18, 2019

a melancholy truth

It's Presidents' Day again.

"It is a melancholy truth, that a suppression of the press could not more compleatly deprive the nation of it's benefits, than is done by its abandoned prostitution to falsehood. Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle."

                                       -  Thomas Jefferson, 3rd U.S. president

Saturday, February 16, 2019

fixed the pocket

I use this basket for current sewing projects; just the fact that whatever I'm currently making is kept in a nice basket lends an air of what? - romance to the project. I don't put the mending in there. It's really just a place to keep all the pieces together. What's in there now is the other summer dress I was going to make ages ago - I just haven't been sewing much.

Except last night - I "fixed" my brother's jacket pocket! I had to - he was supposed to go away this morning and was hoping to have sound pockets. I can't describe what I did, or how. I didn't take photos - if I had, they wouldn't have been clear. This jacket has sort of double pockets on each side, they're sort of side-by-side and one was shredding. I snipped off the shreds and examined it. If you've ever made a pocket, it's the two pieces, seamed together along the curved edge and then attached to the garment where you put your hand in. This particular arrangement had a third piece attached to the other two but sewn to an opening next to the other one, so there are two places to put your hand, right next to each other, with one of them zipping up, if you want. I have no idea how clear any of this is, but I managed to - very makeshift - whip up another pocket and stick it in there, all by hand because it was just easier. It worked!

He didn't end up going. But the fact that I had very little time made me force myself to charge ahead and do something that I had no idea how to do. (I prayed beforehand for help, and I guess I got it.)  Not sure it's the best way to do things, though - kind of a seat-of-your-pants experience.

Friday, February 15, 2019

the faithful companion

"Jesus, with a largess truly divine...  walks before us, his hands charged with gifts; he walks at our side with a beautiful countenance; he walks behind us with extended arms. He walks before us, to smooth the rough places of our paths; he walks at our side as a faithful companion, to cheer, encourage, console and defend us. He walks behind us, to receive us if we fall. He walks before us, that we may follow and imitate him; he walks beside us, that we may not grow lonely on the road, and he walks after us, to be the remedy of our evils."

                                                              - Peter, Abbot of Moustier, from Magnificat, February, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019

a little valentine cake

I like few things better than observing holidays - traditional ones, anyway. So, even though I had to go out mid-day, before I went I mixed up the dry ingredients for a banana chocolate bread from the latest Magnolia Journal magazine.

And then I got out the heart pan and baked it when I came home. Wasn't sure what we were having for supper, but had to make a Valentine's dessert! (we did not starve)

I was too lazy to put the excess batter into a cupcake tin, and I think that's why it sort of cracked - the pan was over full. Tastes delicious!

*I saw a youtube video the other day about aerating flour before you measure it. Well, we all know it's better to sift, but does anyone bother? Not me. But this person just ran a whisk through the flour canister - I can do that! So, that's what I did. A great idea.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

the barnacle

When I sit at my computer, Sweetie usually appears from nowhere; she either jumps onto my lap or gets onto the other end of the table, moving toward me, purring more and more loudly. It's hard to get away from her.

Earlier this evening, she did this. I read once that cats don't like wind. So as she approached, I blew in her direction; she stopped where she was and waited in that way animals do because they know we call the shots. This is where I feel guilty. I blow on her and she sits there, purring (because purring is the Most Important Thing she does), and I feel badly for thinking she is a pest. (she is, though)

I often let her on my lap, really. But sometimes she would get in the way, so I blow. It doesn't matter. We will repeat this whole performance tomorrow. And the next day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I was going to have to make dinner after work today, as there were no leftovers - oh, how I depend on leftovers! Anyway, the prediction was snow with ice to follow, and so the library closed at twelve thirty - how convenient! I had plenty of time to make dinner, and even get a doze in beforehand.

Snow outside, a short day at work, a nap - all contribute to that feeling of hygge which is getting so much attention these days. Debra gave me this book for Christmas and I finished it the other day. Different from others I've seen on the subject, less wordy - more hyggelig, I guess you could say! Very pleasant.

I decided to finish working on my jacket repair. That may be a funny way of putting it, but I wasn't able to finish sewing it. I just could not get the needle in that last section; I couldn't make stitches hold there or figure a way to secure it, so I just decided to be done. And I put a safety pin in that last space to keep it secure. And I'm leaving it that way. I am tired of not being able to wear this coat.

But I already have another jacket repair awaiting me: my brother's favorite has a pocket that's wearing out. I can easily make a pocket, but I'm not sure he how much picking at this jacket he wants me to do. If I can just crudely attach it in some way that'll hold, without getting heavily involved in picking seams apart, that will be preferable to all parties.

I'm liking these vases of evergreens

Monday, February 11, 2019

fixing a jacket

My beloved, two-dollar, washable parka needs repair and I'm having a heck of a time trying to finish it up. There's a flap across the back, and underneath this flap is where the lower section is sewn to a piece of lining. Well, it tore away all across and I've been working on it.

I first bound the lining edge with some bias tape, zigzagging it along to secure it better, then turning it under and whipstitching it on the other side. Now, I've been using a back stitch to re-attach the under piece back onto the lining.

I have been going from right to left, knowing that when I got near the end it was going to be really hard to get a grip on it to finish - oh, did I mention that it's got a filling, not down, but fiberfill - anyway, because of that the lining isn't hanging free at the bottom for me to reach under and get a proper grip on it. If you don't sew, or haven't ever looked at the way your coats are constructed you might not  know what I'm talking about, but I am wishing this last section could just be glued together and be done with it!

I guess I'm just complaining here. I don't think anybody's going to give me a better solution. I'd better get back to work.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

thanks for stopping by

Mr. Kibble showed up yesterday - I'm sure he's put on weight. I automatically fed him, and when I put the bowl down, I scratched his back! He liked it, but when he started to turn his head my way, I knew enough to move my hands behind my back. When he sees hands, he strikes out. But he wouldn't start eating until I was in the house - well, Rome wasn't built in a day.

He ate about half of it and looked at me. I told him he could eat the rest, or eat at home. (How hungry can he really be, anyway?) Diane's car was out much of the day, I noticed, and I think he was probably outside longer than he intended to be.

We don't want to give him too much food here, or do anything that might confuse him as to where he belongs. As long as he keeps going back there every day, all is well. He's learning, and meanwhile, it's very nice to see him now and then. He still has that way of looking at you.

Friday, February 8, 2019

sky drama

I'm always drawn to the dramatic contrast of dark and light up above.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

to be, or not to be

"Ours is a time of continual movement which often leads to restlessness, with the risk of 'doing for the sake of doing'. We must resist this temptation by trying 'to be' before trying 'to do'."

                                                      -  Pope John Paul II (from Magnificat)

Monday, February 4, 2019

fur, feathers and foliage

One week ago today, it was bitter cold; today our windows were open - I even wore my sandals!  Barefoot in February! In the house, that is - what with the oven and everything, I just got too warm.
I have to say it was lovely, although not normal. But two days ago, snow covered everything; now it is gone.

I took apart the wreath today. Sweetie helped me with the tree. The living room is back to the way it was. I've been bringing in evergreen cuttings, though.

My brother took a walk this evening, and ran into Diane pulling into her driveway. He asked about Mr. K. She said she lets him out on nice days, and when he's had enough, he comes back in just like that. Imagine - Mr. Kibble getting domesticated - will wonders never cease! God is good; there is no matter too small for the help of the saints.

Last week I'd set out a sturdy bowl full of bird seed, and placed it inside a container on the front step. I wanted something out there and safe from wind, but I never knew if any birds found it until the other day  - Dolly was making some cat noises as she looked out the window. There was the little wren at the orange feeder again, and also at the bowl! I'm glad somebody knows where this food is, although I'm not sure the wren wants to share her information.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

just the same

I have a little book of Christmas poems which I'm just about the put away for next time, but tonight I read this line which I have to share:

An angel stood with her
Who said, "That which doth stir
like summer in thy side
Shall save the world from sin."

That which doth stir like summer in thy side - how poetic that is! I am all amazement on rare occasions when I read something like this, a simile that surely no one else could ever think of.

A Lullaby 

Lullee, lullay,
I could not love thee more
If thou wast Christ the King.
Now tell me, how did Mary know
That in her womb should sleep and grow
The Lord of everything?

Lullee, lullay,
An angel stood with her
Who said, "That which doth stir
Like summer in thy side
Shall save the world from sin.
Then stable, hall and inn
Shall cherish Christmas-tide."

Lullee, lullay,
And so it was that Day.
And did she love him more
Because an angel came
To prophesy His name?
Ah no, not so,
She could not love him more,
But loved him just the same.
Lullee, lullee, lullay.

Janet Lewis