Monday, December 6, 2021

new curtains for the living room

 I was very excited today to finish off the new living room curtains. The curtains I made years ago were impossible to salvage another day. I had hung those every fall, ignoring how faded they were, until last year when I cut them short and used them like valances. Which was rather cute, but it couldn't last.

So, there I was, looking at fabric sites and wondering what look I wanted. Meanwhile I was thinking of things in drawers which could be gotten rid of, or whatever, and I remembered two twin flat sheets, in their packages, which nobody had a use for. I folded over the big hems and slipped them over the rod. 

They are a mocha color and they darkened the room immediately. This can be cozy when winter comes, but they were just hanging there and something else was needed. I searched Pinterest and found this image 

And this is what I did -

It's hard to tell here, but I used brilliant red satin ribbon which I have plenty of and I love it! I decided ahead of time I wanted the curtains pulled up at the lowest window pane. What a difference! I like the idea that it's tied back up and away from frisky kitties - I'd never seen this style before. Thanks to Mom's Secret Recipe blog for posting it.


  1. So satisfying to be able to transform your living room at no cost at all! The red ribbon looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Clare. Yes, I'm so glad to do something with those sheets, too. :)