Thursday, December 9, 2021

a welcome delight

 When I got into bed last night, snow was falling. I turned out the light and could still see Dolly's white shape in the bright glow of the snowy atmosphere.

This morning, I'd forgotten all about it, until I heard the snow shovel scraping on the driveway.

Gold-tinged tree branches made me bring out my camera several times; it's very hard to capture. But I didn't expect a snowy landscape from this, and it will be gone when sixty degree temps come on Saturday. So it was a beautiful surprise.

The snow always gives that feeling of newness, freshness, and new beginnings. Which is what Advent is about.

I will give you a new heart
and place a new spirit within you,
taking from your bodies your stony hearts
and giving you natural hearts.

- from Ezekiel, chapter 36