Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little bit late with the curtains

I'm {happy} today because I finally got around to putting up the winter curtains - the weather's been mild (except for the wild storm!) and it hasn't been a compelling issue. But I wanted them up for the holidays.

I made these curtains two years ago - my mother always liked to have summer and winter things - nothing she spent lots of money on, but she enjoyed seeing the change.  So I tend to think the same way.  I didn't have any which were satisfactory, so began looking at fabric online, then saw this red and white in the Hancocks of Paducah catalog, and loved it, but needing eight yards, wasn't going to pay full price.  I kept looking here and there, then one day there it was on sale at their website for five dollars a yard!

I bought it!  I think it's {pretty}.

This was for a wide picture window and I had to sew two widths together.  I matched it up better in some places than others, but it isn't really obvious while they're hanging in folds.  It was my friend Cyndi's idea to use the red thread and two rows of stitching.  I just love this fabric!  As I was ironing them today, I noticed some fading - the window is west facing. They aren't lined - I didn't want to go there at the time, and I really think they'd be too heavy anyway if they were lined.  I'll enjoy them as long as they look good, then I suppose I can cut them up for something else in the living room.

They just hang straight from the clip rings, but they definitely add a big something to the room, and the red is very cheery in winter, especially. A bit Scandinavian - maybe? - which appeals to me greatly.

Here you can see that our brush pile is still out there, but I heard they're making their way through the town, so it shouldn't be long.  That's my {real}.  We also {real}ly need to do something with our woodwork around that window.  Some day.

Thank you Leila!

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  1. I love that material! I can imagine it in a Swedish house, livening up the winter blues that the winter sunlight casts. Isn't it amazing how a small thing like pretty curtains totally make a girl happy?

    I have winter and summer stuff, too. The heavy roman blinds come down to block off the drafts off these old windows, the winter bedding comes out, along with the blankets and throws.

  2. I am too boring. I have the same curtains all the time.
    Your red and white are very Scandinavian and I think they are stunning.

  3. I absolutely love that curtain fabric! It definitely has a Scandinavian look to it and I like that, too =]

  4. Definitely Scandinavian! I LOVE them.... How sad to think of retiring them.

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. Good job and great curtains. That sale's not too shabby either! :)

  6. Quick, take them down, spread them out over white sheets cut to size, and put them up again! They're pretty! Don't let them fade! Okay, you can do it after Thanksgiving :)