Tuesday, June 11, 2013

French hen luncheon plates

Our dinnerware is pretty old, but we aren't tired of it. It came from the grocery store many years ago; it's very New England-y and suits us. Auntie Adeline also had a set, but my cousins convinced her to get something more up to date, so we took hers too.

The problem is, none of it is microwaveable and I find the microwave is most handy for heating up leftovers; otherwise, the food gets mushy and then there are the pots and pans to wash.  I know a man who puts his old dishes in there, but I feel uncomfortable doing it - I want to know that my dishes are made for that.

We have some cheap ones from the supermarket, but for a dollar each I shouldn't be surprised the glaze is wearing off - I've thrown out most of them, although the bowls should keep. But every now and then I look online at dishes to get ideas.

Last week at Sur la Table I saw these French Hen luncheon plates on sale. I could not resist them! The didn't come in dinner size, but I liked these so much I grabbed five.

They came today. They look very well in this kitchen.


  1. I love the new plates! Yes, I am cautious about using older pieces in the microwave. Have I ever mentioned that dishes are my weakness? Not all dishes, mind you, but there are definite patterns I enjoy. I'm embarrassed to admit how many sets we have just for the two of us. Of course, there are times during the year when we have more than just us here, and all through the year I will actually use each pattern, so it will be awhile before I "downsize" with some of them.

    1. Nellie, I did suspect that you had a weakness for dishware. But as long as you have space for them........