Sunday, April 14, 2013

a good substitution

Back when Hurricane Sandy was threatening, I stocked up on a few useful things, and one of them was a carton of oat milk. Well, I just thought it might come in handy if somebody was desperate. But we didn't need it, and I've been wondering ever since what to do with it.

Yesterday I pulled out my muffin recipes, determined to try them all and weed out the losers.  But at the supermarket I forgot the milk. 

Today I made cranberry-orange muffins with the oat milk, and you would never know! I don't remember the price of it, but there are several recipes out there for making your own, and I'm thinking it may be worth it.


  1. I've never used it, but have found that almond milk works as a good substitute most of the time!

    1. I love almond milk - use it in my cereal every day, and in tea. But my brother is allergic to almonds, alas! I wouldn't want to drink the oat milk, but in muffins I can't tell the difference. I'll have to try it in other baked goods.