Thursday, December 16, 2021

very near

 Today was so mild, but I also had another headache. It may have been due to the warmer weather, but I can never be sure. So, my dreams of sitting quietly and diligently at the table writing Christmas cards did not come to pass. But I did dust the kitchen, do my regular cleaning and make chicken soup. I think I have to be content with just keeping up with laundry and dishes. I had some windows open for a while, and even stepped outside just to take a turn around the yard and talk to the birds.

Look up, O drooping hearts, today,
The King is very near;
O cast your griefs and fears away,
For, lo, your help is here!
Hope on, O broken hearts, at last
The King comes in his might;
He loved us in the ages past
When we lay wrapped in night.

             -  from Magnificat, December 2021

I found a dried orange slice, broken in half, in the living room this morning. Naughty Annie.


  1. I am sorry you have had another headache. I get migraines fairly often so I know how debilitating they are. I am also affected by the weather and get headaches when the pressure is low just before and during stormy weather. Naughty Annie! We used to keep the Christmas tree in the playpen when Elinor was small, not to stop her from touching it but to stop the cats from playing with or eating the decorations.

    1. The tree in the playpen! :D Oh my word. I can see it. But ones does what one must.
      I was wondering about the atmospheric pressure, since we had two warmer days and now it's in the thirties. Who knows?

    2. I follow a man in his late 70's on Wordpress who has just started this year to get pressure headaches every time there's a storm. Very strange!

    3. Yes, after so long without the condition!