Monday, September 13, 2021

late summer

 We're having the most lovely weather now, finally. Those insects or tree frogs or whatever they are are singing outside in the night, in a constant hum. Crickets have been heard inside the library for the past three weeks; I had to catch one the other day and put him outside, but I did wait for nice weather to do it. 

Dolly's dish has disappeared. It was last seen on Monday at lunch time. I fed her and Annie, then went out to lunch. When I came home, my brother said he couldn't find it anywhere. I have looked in every closet, cupboard, drawer and other ridiculous places. How do these things happen?

We were given a lovely homegrown cabbage! I made this recipe. Very nice. 

We found this yellow feather outside. I immediately thought of a goldfinch, but - they are small birds. This is five inches long. Goldfinches are about five and a half, with black wings. Here's a link to a good photo. I'll have to email this to the Audubon Society and see what they say.

This plant is the best hanging plant I've ever had - it never stopped blooming all summer, with no encouragement from me, in the way of fertilizer, I mean. Just water. I tried adjusting the color here, but can't get it right; it's warmer toned than this - more of a dusky rose, and I'll try to take a better photo.

But I don't even know what it is!


  1. I don't know plants or birds either but it is a intriguing feather and a beautiful plant! Wonder where the dish went! Shoved under something?

    1. You know, when this sort of thing happens, I always wonder if I just dropped it into the trash in a moment of oblivion. Who knows???

  2. I hate it when things like that happen! I lost my watch for nearly a year and thought I'd looked everywhere for it. I assumed I'd thrown it away by mistake. I eventually found it in a jacket pocket that I was sure I hadn't worn at the time I'd lost it!
    The recipe looks really tasty. I have half an enormous cabbage that no-one wants any more of just yet. One can have too much cabbage, you know! I'll chop it and freeze it and then try that recipe!
    I hope you find out what bird the yellow feather belongs to. The plant is very pretty.

    1. I lost my watch, too! But it was years ago and since it was an eco-drive, it wouldn't be in a pocket; I used to lay it on a windowsill or near a lamp when it was off. It must have fallen in the waste basket. Ridiculous! I'm glad you found yours - not a good thing to lose.