Sunday, September 12, 2021

nothing wasted

 "Since the time of Adam's fall, God has this invariable draw good out of evil...The cowardice of Pilate, the cunning of Caiaphas, the intriguing, haughty spirit of the priestly leaders and the Scribes and Pharisees were the ladder along which Jesus went to his sacrifice. The tyranny of the Caesars during the first three centuries of the Church gave rise to the multitude of glorious martyrs. The heretics, who continued the persecutions, gave occasion to that group of Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Thus, in the succession of events, God always draws good out of evil.
What God does on a large scale in history, he does on a small scale in each soul."

                                                               -  Luis Maria Martinez

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  1. Yes. One can imagine God's sorrow when He sees the cruelty inflicted ('in God's name'!!) by misguided and vindictive humans. It is difficult to see that any good can come from suffering but it usually does - eventually.