Thursday, May 6, 2021

new napkins and what I'm reading

 I made six cloth napkins from a nice plaid cotton; I like their rustic air. I've got another book by Sally Clarkson because I liked the previous one so much, and the Miss Read is News from Thrush Green. I'm still enjoying these!

This evening my brother was mowing the lawn before dark and he came in to tell me he'd found a baby - that is, a baby with the eyes still closed - squirrel, no others around. Our neighbor has taken it in, but we're looking up what to do now. 


  1. I love those napkins! I hope the baby squirrel survives; I'm assuming the mother was nowhere to be seen.
    I have just read 'News From Thrush Green'!

    1. I just finished the book this morning - and I certainly didn't see that end coming! But I've been reading them out of order, so I know she doesn't marry Frank, or at least, not forever. Now I feel the next one I read has to be the proper one, or I'll be wondering too much.

  2. Replies
    1. I am enjoying them, but it's taking too long to finish them - I'm getting impatient. :)

    2. Do you know, I am just looking at Battles at Thrush Green, and how in the world did I think Phil didn't marry Frank? I was thinking she was married to Harold. I guess that says a lot about what kind of reader I am! :o