Saturday, February 13, 2021

trials and tribulations for Dolly

 Yesterday my brother came home for lunch to find drops of blood here and there around the house; the cats were all in the living room, in their separate places. It was rather alarming, but he figured it was from Sweetie; she sometimes gets bloody saliva from - we suppose - accidentally biting the growth in her mouth. 

But, no - this morning I saw that it was Dolly who was dripping blood. We found a veterinary hospital who had time to see her. She's got a UTI - not, thank God, a bowel obstruction or worse as my wild imagination was suggesting. Poor old lady! They said that diabetes and urinary tract infections go hand in hand. 

Speaking of diabetes, her three month checkup showed high blood glucose levels, so the drop was only temporary - we are now giving her insulin shots twice a day. It's still in the trial stage, trying to find the right amount for her; I never thought I'd be giving shots to anybody.


  1. Poor Dolly and poor you! I remember only too well the misery and anxiety I felt when my cats were ill.
    I am amazed at how the treatment for pets' illnesses has improved in the eighteen or so years since I had cats. If my cats needed injections I had to take them to the vet's surgery each time, knowing that the cats would become upset on the journey in their travelling basket and I would have to pay yet another large sum of money to the vet! It must be like living in a cats' nursing home at times for you <3 <3

    1. Yes, it is, Clare! Two litter boxes upstairs (vacuuming and damp-mopping the floor frequently), shots for Dolly and now medicine. And constantly feeding her, while constantly trying to get Sweetie to eat something. All to the "tune" of Annie in the background, trying to take down the refrigerator magnets! Plus the extra laundry, since Dolly's been a bit incontinent at times. :D

    2. Oh my goodness! You are all in my prayers xxx

    3. Thank you, dear Clare! xoxo