Thursday, February 11, 2021

anticipating spring


The primroses were three for six dollars at the supermarket; I bought a pink one, a white one and a yellow one. Then I had to put away the wintery decorations - it was an absurd juxtaposition.

This morning I noticed that the clock on my little short-wave radio was off. I scrambled through several drawers, looking for AA batteries but didn't find any. I use that radio for my alarm clock. But then I thought I'd try to reset the time - it worked! I'll bet Sweetie probably stepped on it

So I don't have to worry about getting up on time in the morning.


  1. Two books that I will have to consider gettinh (middle 2)...the top one I have! Funny wh as t csts do! My winter and Christmas decorations are about done, just one more buffet to finish!

  2. I have a number of Miss Read books that I've picked up at op shops and library sales. I pulled one off my book shelf the other day (Summer at Fairacre) as I was looking for a 'gentle' read.
    I've also read (and enjoyed) Quiet. xx