Sunday, September 13, 2020

the beauty of evenings

 Even when it's pleasant outdoors, inside it can trap the heat; I planned to wash my hair a little while before dark, so I could sit outside with wet hair and enjoy the coolness. I suddenly heard a ruckus beginning, like a pack of dogs barking. Then I realized it was the geese - they are starting their journeys back. There were lots of them and they flew pretty low. Then I noticed two bats swooping in their jagged way, back and forth from our place to the neighbors. I need to sit out more often in the evenings.

God in his beauty stills all our useless struggles and gathers us into his peace.

-  from Magnificat


  1. Lovely moments and a wonderful quotation ๐Ÿ’—

  2. I love these late summer/early autumn evenings! Bats are flying round our house, too but most of the summer-visitor birds have gone now.
    Beautiful quote!

  3. I suppose on an island, you get lots of extra birds in summer. But you must have plenty who stay, right?

  4. Yes, to both. We have plenty of permanent birds and then we have summer visitors and winter visitors - a lot of coming and going!