Friday, February 7, 2020

a little change in the plan

Well, I haven't been here in a week! I sometimes get involved in things and don't think of this space.

You're wondering how the baking is coming along. Well, I was thinking about how to set things up and we had to conclude that since eighty people have signed up - wow! -  and they'll be sitting in chairs, in rows, this is not conducive to eating anything. There will be crumbs left on the floor. And there's no place for so many to mill around comfortably afterward and have a snack. We decided that we won't serve any refreshments.

I don't mind, honestly, or feel that I've wasted my time; I'm sure there will be a bake sale of some sort at church before the beginning of Lent, and I can also bring some to work next week. And since we've been eating sweets every day since mid-December, what's a few more? 

Well, I think I'm kidding about that.


  1. Wonderful all the people coming! Makes sense, the mess concerns... sending love to you!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, and thank you for all the prayers!! I did remember during all this that you were praying for me. :)

  2. Sounds like a wise decision. And like you say, you can always eat some yourself :) I made blueberry and white choc chip muffins today. They are very moreish. Sigh. xx

  3. Food in the freezer or stored away is never wasted - and how fantastic that there will be so many people coming!