Wednesday, October 9, 2019

just hide the matches

The little orphan is slowly trashing our house. Pardon me if I'm repeating myself - I don't remember who I've said this to.

On Sunday she climbed up the plastic shower curtain liner, consequently poking a few holes in it. This reminds me of the fairy tale about the princess who sat atop a glass mountain, waiting for a knight who could ride up it and take her away. How do you climb up a plastic curtain? The holes are as high as halfway up.

My brother said when he came home for lunch yesterday, the bathroom towels had been pulled down into a heap in the tub - yes, she is slightly obsessed with the bathroom these days.

This morning, she kept going behind the umbrella stand in the living room which holds the flags, thereby pushing it out into the room, in the way of course. The ensuing conversation went like this:

me: She is trashing the place. But, I suppose as long as she doesn't burn the house down....

my brother: Hide the matches.

Did I say that she's precious, and as cute as a button?


  1. she is cute as a button indeed!

  2. Little Miss Mischief! But she sure is cute :) xx

  3. Your posts about this little imp crack me up! You may want to start thinking now about how you decorate for Christmas.

  4. Yes, she is awfully cute and sweet. I didn't want to give an entirely negative impression! Jenny, you can bet that I have been thinking hard and thoroughly about Christmas. All homemade soft ornaments; the tree tied to a convenient post nearby; the small nativity on a shelf above the sink, rather than the low shelf in the corner cabinet; and the white nativity on the middle shelf of the corner cabinet with the cookbooks moved to the bottom. Oh yeah, I've been thinkin'.