Thursday, October 24, 2019


When did I first mention they were digging up our road, and re-doing the pipes? June or July, I think.

two or three weeks ago - our front yard!

these dirt piles come and go

Yes, there is a toilet in our front yard. 

last week: The Grand Canyon

They dig these holes every day, then have to fill them up before they leave.

this was Tuesday

This crevasse at the end of our driveway is filled up, and they've moved up a house or two, inching their way along the street. They are entirely replacing the sewer pipes and hope to be done and paved before the snow flies. What a monumental job!

When they were underground in front of our house they saw our pipes; they told my brother they looked to be in good condition. Good to know!


  1. Oh my goodness! A little unnerving, I would think.

    1. One can get used to anything. After a little while. :)

  2. Oy vey....what a project. I'll be glad when your road is right again.

  3. Why do they have to fill the holes in every evening? It must surely make the job last so much longer. Couldn't they just make it safe and cordon it off? I'm glad that your pipes are okay and that they have moved up the road a little. What a .... well I was going to say 'job'; then I considered 'business'; then thought to say 'how long-winded'. What a mine-field these double-entendres are! You will think me very crude for which I apologise :D

    1. Ha ha - Clare! :D
      I think the best way to make it safe is to fill it in. There are so many cats on our street, not mention other wild critters. Kids. Old folks. People like me, who might not watch where they were going.....
      Today was trash pick-up day, and I saw they had wheeled everybody's bins to the end of the street, and after the truck came by, they brought them all back.

    2. Clare, you dear thing! They probably would have had a bunch of irate homeowners if they hadn't. :) But they seem like nice fellows.

  4. That truly is a monumental undertaking. Really makes you realize how much effort goes into our modern conveniences. My little one would be in hog heaven at your place! So much activity and with big machines!!