Saturday, September 7, 2019

all buttoned up

I guess I'm a bit behindhand with the photos lately.....but I didn't take a picture. My brother asked me to look at his summer sport coat, the buttons. They were getting too loose, so I said I'd re-do them.

When I noticed the absence of a knot on the wrong side, I thought I'd better inquire into the right way - a.k.a. the neat way - to do it, and I found this video.

The original thread was similar to embroidery floss, so that's what I used. The instructions were thorough and very clear. All done!

This is a cute channel with two guys trying to show how to behave like a gentleman - good luck to them!

totally unrelated to the subject at hand


  1. That is a very useful video! My mother taught me how to sew on all sorts of buttons, make button holes, darn and make many kinds of repairs when I was about ten years old. I have never forgotten her instructions and use them very often.

  2. I never learned to do anything correctly in regard to sewing and YouTube has been my teacher. It is a wonderful place to learn.