Wednesday, June 19, 2019

night sounds

Dolly is now happily listening to a Dave Brubeck recording; I thought she deserved it. Sweetie has been listening to the ball game in another room. (ahem)

A downside to sleeping with the windows open - there aren't many - is that you might hear something unpleasant. Last summer I'd sometimes hear chittery-chattery noises, and would imagine some unfortunate squirrel or rabbit being caught by a predator. I always felt bad.

I heard it again a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd try and find it on youtube. Well! Turns out it's just a raccoon noise, and nothing so horrible as I'd been imagining. What a relief!


  1. Oh yes! Those night-time noises! I am glad it has just been a raccoon. One imagines such carnage going on! :o

    1. Clare, you hit the nail on the head when you said "carnage"! That's exactly what I was imagining.