Saturday, December 8, 2018

flowers everywhere

My boss buys flowers at the supermarket for us when our birthdays come; you get a lot in those groupings. A large vase of flowers doesn't seem to do well in our house, so when I brought mine home, I split it up into many.

Some asters in a crock behind Mary and Joseph while they wait for the Baby

bright pink carnations


(did I even need to put water in that bottle? Statice is a dried flower.)

A lily yet to open 

In the living room - a calla lily

and everything else, including some alstroemeria with more statice and asters. 

I like these little bouquets much better.


  1. That must have been an enormous bouquet! I prefer the little posies, too.

  2. Some of those big mixed bouquets are difficult to enjoy, especially when some of the flowers deteriorate faster than others. I like your idea very much, of dividing them up from the beginning!

  3. how lovely!!!! and placed in things and by things in a way the produced art for the one seeing them and the one seeing them via your pictures!

  4. Flowers, flowers everywhere!! Yes, this is lovely!

  5. Thank you! After three days, I used some of the Floralife (?) powder, which perked up some of them. The asters finally wilted, but the rest are going strong.