Wednesday, December 5, 2018

a real "wow" of a cake

My co-worker, Katie signed up to do my birthday cake. She is known among us as having an excellent instinct for anything in the way of decorating, whether that's in a home, on a bulletin board or even how she dresses. She tried to copy a cake she saw online - we all could see that hers looked much better than the original.

It was a spice cake with a brown sugar buttercream; they don't sell those ten inch cinnamon sticks where I shop, or the bay leaves that look like they came off a rhododendron. I saved those herbs and spices along with the rosemary underneath - with the frosting cleaned off, they will be very welcome. As was the cake!


  1. A work of art! Almost too good to eat! :D

  2. Beautiful! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks !!

    What date in December is your birthday? xx

    1. My birthday is the fourth, Lynda. Or, was. :D

  3. Wow. What a fabulous cake. I have no idea where I'd find cinnamon sticks that big. Happy birthday. Another December baby!

  4. oh how lovely!!! very nice!!! I don't remember what day your birthday is but I hope it is a wonderful one! Nice to have the spices too! a double treat!!! God bless you!

  5. Oh, wonderful! Your description of the flavors are inspiring, too :-)