Thursday, September 15, 2016

olives and rosemary

I was all set to squeeze out half an hour to bring Dolly outside today, when I remembered (thank goodness!) that I had bread on the second rise which might need to go in the oven. And, it did!  By then it was time to make supper.

I realized my pinterest board with bread recipes in it has been ignored for some time, so I thought I may as well choose a recipe from there to make today. It has kalamata olives and loads of rosemary in it - what a fragrance when it was baking! I threw in a little rye flour to make it better. I did not use a pot, or any part of her method, but just the ingredients. Yes, two tablespoons of rosemary - dried. It wasn't too much! And a good way to use up those olives in the fridge. I had a little, and then put it in the freezer.

I've got another crop of strawberries - they're larger this time, so I think they must not be alpines. Those are small, I believe. I'm also getting loads of plum tomatoes. I never got around to staking them, which was very bad of me, but so many plants seem to be propping each other up. Which is nice.


  1. That bread looks great. I've not added olives to my rosemary bread, but will give it a try. :-) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. The bread looks wonderful! I easily get distracted when cooking or when I'm in the kitchen doing anything. I am always burning toast and that smell lingers on for hours! Our plum tomatoes have been wonderful this year too - we have had pounds and pounds of them; all so sweet and delicious.