Wednesday, August 10, 2016

the old woman of long ago

There was an old woman of long ago
Who went about her mending.
She sewed the wind against the clouds
To stop the trees from bending.
She stitched the sun to the highest hill
To hold the day from ending.

Her thimble and threads were close at hand
For needlework and quilting,
For sewing gardens to the sky
To keep the blooms from wilting,
For lacing the land to the crescent moon
To save the world from tilting.

rhyme and picture by Arnold Lobel



  1. I love this! I like Arnold Lobel but have never seen this rhyme before. Thanks Lisa!

    1. Clare, it's in a book called "Whiskers and Rhymes"; I could not resist it! (and did you notice the old woman is a cat?)

    2. So she is - a white one like Dolly! My girls (and me too) loved his Frog and Toad books. We had a brilliant pop-up one that was great fun.