Saturday, July 2, 2016

our own garlic

A woman came in the library hoping we had a book on how to braid garlic. Not the usual way, but a fancy way; and no, she'd watched a youtube video surely ten times but couldn't follow it, so she was hoping for some simple photos. We didn't come up with anything, unfortunately, but she told me she pulled up her garlic (four hundred!) a week ago.

So, I thought I'd better pull up mine today.

The bulbs are small, but it is very exciting. Of course I chopped off the tops, and then found out it's better to leave them. I suppose it'll be all right. They need to dry for two weeks.

And now I have a space to put a watermelon plant Debra gave me.


  1. I've not been able to braid my garlic either. :-(

  2. How exciting! We only tried growing garlic once I think. The year before had been a good year and others had had good harvests so we tried the following year, which wasn't a good year! We haven't had much luck with onions either though we have tried to grow them many times. Our best crop was when we followed a Charles Dowding suggestion and grew from seed and then planted out the seedlings in small groups/clumps. As the onions grew they pushed away from each other and did quite well. Not as large as ones grown singly but large enough for us. I don't know why we haven't tried this method again.

  3. Small they may be, but I bet they're all the more delicious because you cultivated their preciousness yourself! Ours are smaller than we'd hoped this year, but its all good. Gosh, I adore garlic. Yuuuuuuuuuumy! We've never braided ours, though I do like the look of that. We trim our stems, but leave a few inches so they can seal off.