Monday, July 4, 2016

hymn for America

I love this native land of mine, 
A noble land and free,
Adorned by nature's lavish hand
With fairest artistry,

Within this western sphere it lies,
A gem of peerless price
Whose shores are washed by ageless tides -
A long-lost paradise.

It was unto this gracious land
Our founding fathers came
To build a nation strong and grand
Unto thy glorious name:

A land whose firm foundations sure
Were built on faith in thee,
Where virtues's good and brotherhood
Were crowned with liberty.

Preserve this nation as thine own
And keep its people free;
Keep ever bright this beacon-light
Of truth and liberty!

-  from Magnificat, July 2016

Declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull


  1. You still seem to be getting along fine without taxation without representation! :-)

  2. Love this poem and perfect artwork for the occassion! I worry about this land of ours lately, but I still believe in it.