Sunday, May 22, 2016

little things

Debra had a birthday so we went to our favorite lunch place, where the food is good, the staff all so lovely, local artwork (for sale) on the walls and, at this time of year, beautiful plantings outside. Little tables outdoors too, but too cool for us that day.

There were catbirds flying to and fro, and I managed a very bad photo of one in the middle of this fence.

Our original idea was to go there each season, but we've decided we have to go every month. And that's that.

I'm currently working on making an unused jumper into a skirt.

I got this Eddie Bauer, linen jumper years ago at Goodwill and loved it for years. I can't tell if it's faded or not - it has a deliberately faded look to begin with. It will match one of my blouses very well.

Tootsie's people didn't only give us the miro-wood cat from Pitcairn Island, they also gave us a smaller wooden cat, made in Costa Rica. It reminded them of Tootsie, and they said - they said it, not I! - that it would be a Tootsie who was well-behaved and wouldn't cause Dolly any trouble.

It's cute.  They also gave us a copy of "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Marlon Brando. I've never seen it, but I look forward to it. Three thoughtful gifts.

Today I wound a hank of Cascade 220 into a ball, and didn't get one knot!  I guess I'm doing something differently.  It's a pretty light blue - a tweed - with colorful specks throughout. I've had it quite a few years and want to use it!

I added several small shawl patterns to my Ravelry favorites. It's a limited selection as I've got only one.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely lunch! I hope you get to go every month; it makes such a pleasant change to have a routine treat instead of the usual routine duties ;)

    1. We did, Clare! Omelets are their specialty, but they have lots of choices. I hope next time we can sit outside.