Wednesday, October 28, 2015

more about vinegar

It's always fun to see what new books our library director has bought, and you will never guess what I saw behind my desk yesterday!  No, you won't.

Imagine, I just posted about vinegar the other day!  I put my name on it, but meanwhile I did some peeking inside:

I'll have to get some more Bragg cider vinegar - it's supposed to have a mother in it. Then we'll see what we will see.


  1. Are there other relatives, do you think? Vinegar sisters? (hehehehe). But seriously, how do you know if your vinegar has a mother so it can't be used to make more vinegar?

    1. I'm not entirely sure about family connections, but - apparently the vinegar mother is considered a cousin to the kombucha mother. So I guess everyone else would be "once removed", right? :D

      Bragg's apple cider vinegar is supposed to have a mother in it, although a weak one. This is what I have been led to believe - we'll see! I've used the stuff before, but it's a bit murky and I didn't examine the contents closely.

  2. Hmmm...well what great timing on the part of your library. I just got some soap making books from ours to work on improving my skill. I should see about a vinegar book. I followed the directions in your photo--including the Braggs ACV mother--but here is the thing: I just used fresh apple juice. It wasn't fermented. I bet that is why its never gotten as tangy as I wanted. Matt has 5 gallons of hard cider going with our juice from this year. I'll have to make a second go at it. Thanks for the leads.

  3. That's interesting--like a sourdough-starter, it seems.