Tuesday, December 16, 2014

people who write on the outside of envelopes...

ususally manage to warm the heart -

from Susan, who hasn't been blogging for a while

This charming communication may as well have come from Tasha Tudor herself, so delightful was it. Susan, I wish you and yours the same - but I'll write and tell you so. 


  1. ..and have adorable holiday woodland critter stickers to seal envelopes with, too. :) Very nice. No electronic means of communication, no matter how handy they may be, can touch that experience of receiving, reading, holding a real, paper letter.

  2. that's so lovely! sorry she is not blogging much now, her blog (new to me) looks beautiful!

  3. That's a very sweet envelope Lisa.
    I was glad to read that Cindy has found a home. Glad for her, you and Dolly.