Sunday, June 8, 2014

the sit-upon

Don't ask me why I still have this thing, made by me when I was very young. But I do, and it's actually still useful to me.

A sit-upon. Done in kindergarten? in Brownies? And I can hardly say I made it myself because the pieces were all pre-cut and the holes punched. My task was to whipstitch it together with the shoelace. I discovered it among some old stuff a couple of years ago; I just sat on it outside - to read a bit in the cool evening.  I like it! I like the "oldness" of it, and I like the fact that I can sort of actually remember making it.


  1. Cute! Awesome that you still have it. I was in Brownies too.:-)

  2. Lisa, What a great idea to do with Ava! The next step up from the sewing cards I made her from old Christmas cards! 8-) Linda

  3. Lovey that you still have this! I would use it, too.