Monday, June 2, 2014

church bells

I'm in my room with the windows open. It's a beautiful, warm and sunny-but-not-humid day. Perfect, with a breeze. And birds chirping, etc., outside.

I'm trying to paint a picture here - now you may add to it the sound of a bell ringing. Behind our house, on the street parallel to ours, is a Lutheran church and they have a bell in front near the road. It's ringing as I write this.

from Google - it doesn't really look like this

It's electric - this is an American suburb, not London - and they've had it for many years. How many times this Anglophile has listened with such enjoyment every day at noon and six (pm)! Years ago I counted the tolling; sixty four, I think it was. It broke more than once and there've been spaces where nothing was heard. I've called and written more than once to assure them someone was enjoying it - even sent money to help with expensive repairs. 

Of course, in winter with everything shut up you don't hear the ringing and you forget about it. Especially since I don't think it's been working in recent years. But the other day there it was! I'm not sure it's ringing sixty four times any more. Whatever. I'm just thrilled to be hearing it again. 


  1. we had church bells from a local Catholic church in our first married rented home; not sure if there are any in this new location, though there are some churches near by. I love hearing bells too, very much.

  2. I love to hear the bells ring as well. We have a church near us that ring at noon every day, we love it!

  3. Isn't it lovely, somehing I heard often in my childhood, (different state) little country town, no traffic noise, I now only hear on Sunday morning......a Lutheran church at the end of my street.

  4. I think it's so nice to be able to hear church bells from your home! If I happen to be in a nearby town on the hour, I can hear the bells ringing at the local church. It's just nice. :-)

    1. Anne, I can't seem to leave you a comment at your blog - twice, I got an "oops" message. How frustrating!

  5. I guess we're all in agreement - there is just something about the sound of it! I was outside again at six and I counted - it rings 31 times. Nice and slowly.

  6. When the wind is right, I can hear the Methodist church a few streets over. LOVE it, although it's also electronic. Love that you let them you were enjoying the bells and willing to add your mite to their upkeep - I should do that, too, because I think it's a definite perk of town life :)