Tuesday, April 1, 2014

lentil burgers

Two co-workers gave up meat for a month with much talk of bean burgers, and it all sounded so good! I must be behind the times for not having tried this yet, but no more. Meanwhile I had some lentils hanging around so the other day I made up a burger of sorts with them.

Using this recipe as a starting point, I soaked my lentils (half a bag) in water for an hour then cooked them for a half hour with some garlic powder, salt and rosemary added. Meanwhile I microwaved a sweet potato and when everything was cooled I mixed up the s.p. with some lentils, two tablespoons of flavored bread crumbs and some other herbs, then browned the patties in olive oil.  I guess they weren't really burgers - honestly, I didn't want to eat a starchy patty with a bun (another starch).  But it was a nice change and I'm going to try them again, with different vegetables and flavorings.


  1. nice! good to try new things :) and love that plate! so pretty and stately all at once... :)

  2. This is what is called karbanátek in Czech. It's a nice term that covers both meat and vegetable stuff, with no pastry implied. :-) I'll have to try this, too!

  3. They look like what Northern Germans call "Bouletten" (just do an image search and you'll see). I haven't had those since I was a child because I stopped eating meat as a teenager but now I think it would be fun to try your lentil substitute. I'd have this with boiled potatoes and peas and carrots but the husband might go the burger way.

    1. Oh yes - meatballs. But also search for other kinds of bean burgers - there are hundreds of recipes out there, all tasty looking!