Tuesday, October 30, 2012

so grateful

We were very fortunate yesterday. All day I kept thinking that it didn't seem very hurricane-like to me.

I've been through Gloria and Irene - they were more intense. It was rainy at times and breezy, with big gusts now and then, which increased in vigor as the day went on.

The lights never even flickered until the evening, and then the wind really picked up. I told myself that we have to lose power once in a while at least, but we didn't. We got socked in last year's storms - not this year. And during the day, while I was waiting for the worst to happen, I baked cookies (so good - recipe to follow); managed a crisp with a bag of cranberries, a couple of apples and about a cup of blueberries I found in the freezer;

filled a few thermoses;

and did some handwork on a baby quilt. There are plenty of folks without electricity, but nothing like last year. We are fortunate, indeed.


  1. And I'm so grateful to hear you are all right! So's Becky. I fear I'll hear about Oona much later... she's right in NYC. Right now, it was rather scary to see how many of my blogging friends are on the East Coast!

  2. So glad to hear this. We had wind but some how we got in a pocket of "no" rain! Not sure how that happened. It is rather cold here though. Seems like January weather today.

  3. We lost power from 5 pm 'til about 9 the next morning, and our back fence blew down--but, those are such minor things; I feel really lucky and blessed after the things I've seen on the news. I'm so glad that you fared well, too!

    Those cookies and that cranberry crisp certainly do look yummy!

  4. 'So glad to see all this. And pretty little quilt! ♥