Monday, June 18, 2012

freezer jam

I just started getting Organic Gardening, and got my first issue the other day.  They have an article about how easy it is to make freezer jam. and made it sound so good that I looked at my overabundance of farmers' market strawberries with an eye to making some. Read it yourself!

Balsamic Strawberry Freezer Jam -  maybe a little exotic sounding, but too hard for me to resist. It was the lower sugar which got me; I usually buy Polaner brand which is sweetened with fruit juice, so when I have any regular jam it's unbearably sweet to me.  I got me some pectin, and went to work!

With less fruit than the amount called for, I had to re-figure the ingredients. The process took very little time and before I knew it, I had three plus jars!

It's a little thin - I think I mashed the berries a little too much. But this morning I put some on my English muffin, and - boy was I surprised! Delicious.  I may put some in the slow cooker with a pork roast come fall.

Our wild black raspberries are almost ripe - I think I'm going to try the Blackberry Lavender jam!


  1. WIth a little balsamic sounds great. I never experimented much - pretty much used the recipe on the box. It IS sweet, but I don't mind it in little doses.

  2. I'm tempted to try this tomorrow or Friday for the kids. It's too easy not to make! And with strawberries being in season, why not? Thanks for the links.:)