Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rudy and Teddy, the posers

Joanne sent me more pictures of her sweeties, taken during the holidays, and I want to put them up here because you can really see them clearly in these.

Rudy in all his fluffiness. You'd never know that he avoids company - he seems quite a relaxed fellow.

A great view of Teddy in all his glory - hopefully he forgives me for previously showing him bleary eyed.    

Handsome fellows!                                                                    



  1. Teddy is adorable, I love all those wild whiskers!!! Rudy looks very regal, such a gentleman!

  2. OH, I see Kathryn has already commented about his whiskers! I adore them!

    They look like such sweet fur babies.

  3. I have let Joanne know how much praise her babies are getting!