Wednesday, July 27, 2016

at home

Nancy and Eileen came for dinner not long ago; they brought this hanging plant.

It all started when Eileen came to the library to help out - she volunteers - and began her tale of woe. Their house (charming! I love it!) is a place of misery due to a neighbor (very next door) who plays his music full blast for hours every day. And who wants to close their windows in summer?  Also, they were getting new kitchen cabinets and that room was torn up. When I came home I told my brother, "We have to have them over soon."

I made chili and Rose's chocolate ice cream recipe and when they were leaving, they said they always feel so at home and comfortable at our place. What nicer thing can anyone say than that?


  1. That's the nicest compliment you could be given after showing such hospitality. I'm sorry they have such loud neighbors. :-(
    Sweet of them to bring you a lovely plant too. ♥

  2. that is so nice! beautiful plant! oh, that would be terrible to have such inconsiderate neighbours! :(

  3. That's a lovely plant! It must be terrible to have such thoughtless and noisy neighbours. Your kind invitation and peaceful welcoming home must have been such a blessing to them.

  4. We always enjoy their company.

  5. Well, everyone else has said it all. I'm sure they were glad for the respite you provided.