Thursday, July 28, 2016

a free country

"A free country where people lack industry will be poor and weak; a free country where the family does not function will have a lot of children dependent on its government; a free country where religion teaches oppression will have oppressive voters. What we mean by liberal in the liberal regime is "free" and also independent. We mean people doing as they please to a large extent with their own property, their own spouses and children, their own consciences and duties to God."

                                               -     Churchill's Trial,   Larry P. Arnn (president of Hillsdale College)


  1. Interesting quote. I live in a 'free' country but more and more I am finding people are not free to express their opinions on anything without some kind of backlash. I try to eat and drink sensibly and I don't smoke but even so I am finding the preachiness of 'do-gooders' oppressive. 'Big Brother' is definitely watching us all. However, I still feel fortunate that I live here and not in many other countries of the world where people live in fear of their lives every day.

    1. Yes, it's that way here, too. This book is terrific, and I'm learning that Churchill was a sort of secular prophet. He could see what would come of Socialism way back then, things which are coming to pass now!