Monday, September 30, 2013

a new roof's on the way


  1. Yay! Your house will be nice and snug come winter. : )

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Just been looking at the Frances Mayes blog link, do your family come from this area of Cortona ???? see comment on September 16th, how cool is that,.... part of your family tree?

  3. This reminds me of the scenes that were common in our area in the spring of 2011 when a series of storms came through leaving LOTS of hail damage! We are on the north side of the Interstate, and the storms traveled the south side, so we were spared any damage, thankfully.

  4. wow... wondering if you live nearish to me and were impacted by the storm of last fall? Just realized that you linked to my blog on yours. That is such a blessing to me. Thank you. Have a wonderful and God-blessed day!! I look forward to getting to know you and have added your feed to my feed reader to be sure I don't miss anything. :)

    1. We were impacted by the storms of last year and the year before; but our roof was old anyway.