Saturday, September 28, 2013

September afternoon

"It was a lovely afternoon -  such an afternoon as only September can produce when summer has stolen back for one more day of dream and glamour. Harvest fields drenched in sunshine lay all around them: the austere charm of northern firs made wonderful the ways over which they walked: goldenrod beribboned the fences and the sacrificial fires of willow-herb were kindled on all the burnt lands along the sequestered roads back among the hills."

                                             -  L.M. Montgomery,  Emily Climbs


  1. I have been looking for some books about L M Montgomery's life. I love this quote and your photos too!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! A friend was just telling me that she didn't have a very happy life, apparently.

  2. Beautiful photos and quote. I've been reading the Emily books lately, too!

  3. Beautiful quote. Sounds like I need to check out the Emily books :) The goldenrod is so pretty here too!