Sunday, September 30, 2012

{p,h,f,r} kitchen edition

It's been six months since I made a valance for the window over the kitchen sink.  After a bit, I made another for the other window. There was fabric left over for the bottom part, and I started it - and then left it. I was afraid it wouldn't come out as nice as I was imagining. Well, the other day I just up and made the curtain, and it looks very well.

It's so hard to get a satisfactory picture of it. The material is too sturdy for gathering in a rod pocket, so I was going to figure out tabs of some kind, and then I remember the good old brass clip rings - the old fashioned kind that you really have to squeeze.  I like the fabric, though - it's linen-y looking. I had been dreaming of white linen curtains in the kitchen, and these are just wonderful.  A close-up of the fabric:


I've been thinking about a food processor for too long, and I finally bought one. It sat in it's box in the living room over a week, because I knew it would involve rearranging the countertop arrangement. I tackled it yesterday.

It took me most of the morning trying to figure out how best to do things with a good workflow in mind. I had several canisters on top, and a couple under the stove area - now, it's all beneath the counter where the mixer, etc. are - much cleaner, neater, and more sensible. And of course, you tend to forget what's in these out of the way spaces after a while. So, some items went to the basement. 


(Look at the old sugar canister of my mother's - such a nice size - they don't seem to make them to hold a five pound bag of anything anymore!  I don't get that.)


I went to boil some eggs the other day, and one of the eggs had a "bump" on it - it was hard to capture, but the shell isn't smooth. I didn't use it - I don't think I've ever seen that, and didn't know it it was safe to use. But I kept it anyway, for some reason!  I should open it up and see how it looks inside.


This is the sad state of some of the kitchen chair cushions - the old foam is coming out. So, when the curtains are all finished (I still have to make one for the back door's window) I will have to make new chair cushions.

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  1. The curtains look lovely, it will be nice to close them and keep out the cold when the winter sets in.
    I am sure you will enjoy pottering about with your fabrics and sewing machine as the weather cools and indoor tasks are on the to do list.It really gives the room a lift when you recover the chair cushions, if you have any scraps left, you could use it to trim a table runner, it always looks nice when things are coordinated. Have fun

    1. Thank you, Margaret. You have a good idea there about the table runner - I've been wanting to make one; it's just a matter of what to make first!