Saturday, December 4, 2021

Christmas with the cats

 The tree is up, and the lights. I need to find a sensible method of doing the lights but now's not the time to think about it. And Tricia came by to give me a darling little hedgehog ornament! I clipped it on, and it's starting to look Christmas-y.

The Orphan finally had an appointment with the vet for a checkup, Thursday morning. We'd put it off for over a year, with so many appointments for Sweetie and Dolly. Meanwhile I went to give Dolly her insulin shot Wednesday night. She was curled up, sleeping. I wanted to wake her first; I poked her, Dolly, Dolly. She didn't move. My brother came in and we were poking her, but not pushing. After a minute or so, she finally awoke, made a sound and stretched. Gosh! But then I thought about how over the past few days she'd been eating less, sleeping more and seeming out of it, otherwise. I decided to take her in instead of Annie. She's got an infection!  Upper respiratory. After four doses of Clavamox, she is already eating much better and like her old self again. Poor Dolly! And Orphan Annie has a short reprieve (because I know she does not like going into the carrier), until the 28th. 

And speaking of Annie, on Cyber Monday I happened on a youtube video of the Kitten Lady testing the DNA of all her cats with a company called Wisdom. There was a link and a sale. I ordered it! It's Clare's doing - she started this when she thought Annie might be Burmese, and it seems to me like she is, reading about the characteristics. Now we'll find out for sure!  I always wished I knew what kind of cat Henry was, but I don't think they had these kits back then. Of course Dolly may well have some fancy lineage, but it's rather expensive, and Annie is more surely part fancy cat. And I got forty five dollars off. (I hope she won't mind getting the inside of her cheek scraped for half a minute!) 

on a better day


  1. That kit must be quite expensive if you have had a saving of 45 dollars! I cannot think how I would ever have been allowed to scrape the inner cheek of any of my cats! Good luck with that!
    Poor Dolly; one ailment after another. I am glad she is feeling better. You and Marc must have been so worried when she wouldn't wake up!
    No decorations up here yet, though we went to one of our local churches this afternoon where they had a Christmas Tree festival. There were lots of decorated trees or arrangements made to look like trees all up and down the church. It was very pretty and there were wreaths for sale, a tombola and cakes and drinks to buy all in aid of the church.

    1. Clare, yes, it was eighty five dollars! And I think I got it ready to mail away. She gave me lots of trouble at first and I was afraid I'd wasted my money, but the online video was helpful and I think I managed.
      Dolly is very much improved now; the vet said older pets often sleep more deeply, but this wasn't because of that. She really is more like herself.
      Your tree festival sounds very nice. I love tree festivals, they help one get into the spirit and are pleasant community occasions.