Tuesday, April 6, 2021

still Easter

 How the time goes by - over a week since I've been here! I never mean to stay away so long. 

Easter was lovely, of course. It just is. But note to self: next time you cook a rich piece of meat (lamb), it's better to avoid other potentially rich sides (Ina's roasted asparagus with melted parmesan), or desserts (cheesecake). It wasn't bad and nobody complained, but I did have the thought. It might be helpful to write these things on a notecard for the recipe box. 

I was emptying my wastebasket and saw these stamps in there - ahhhh! 

While I'm typing this, Dolly is behind me on my bed, with the radio - of course - and the jazz program on - of course. And they're playing a couple of things by Paul Desmond. Which reminds me of a touching story I came across very recently about him from The New Yorker. Read it - it's very short but very sweet. 

I took this week off, and am making great progress with the mending pile. 

I also pruned the roses today, quite late; they had quite a few small leaves on them already. Well, this will set them back a bit but it can't be helped. 

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the gardener and we the soil:
Let the seed of Easter life bear fruit in us for your eternal harvest.

A Happy Easter!


  1. I enjoyed the story about 'Audrey' - very touching! I am pleased you had a lovely Easter - we did too. I even got to cuddle a two-day-old lamb! So cute!