Monday, April 12, 2021

little neighbors

 It's been a few days now this little chickadee has been seen flitting distractedly around my brother's car. It's like he's trying to get in, but I suppose he's really seeing his reflection? We feel terrible about it; he's going to wear himself out. Yesterday it was sunny - my brother even moved the car a little and it seemed to stop. For a while - but maybe just because somebody was there. Today it was cloudy, but that didn't matter - he was there again. I hope he gets over it, whatever it is.

A young woodchuck came quite near the house the other day, seeing something tasty to eat, I guess. Here he is, heading for the house. I've never seen one that close.


  1. How lovely to have these little visitors!

  2. We don't have woodchucks or chickadees. What cuties! Hope the bird is over its recent activity.

    1. Cheryl, a chickadee is a type of tit (it isn't easy for an American to use this language, I do it for your sake) and I think very similar to some birds you have over there.
      He is *not* over his recent activity! In fact, the reason for his distress is a nest of his and his lady right next to the driveway, in the trunk of the cherry tree!