Monday, February 15, 2021

more like herself

Dolly is doing much better, no more blood, no more incontinence, no more peeing on the floor. She's using the box and is back to eating like a horse. We were watching Sense and Sensibility together for a while this evening - the dear girl!

It's almost Lent. And that means spring is coming. 


  1. I am so pleased for you and Dolly! We have the traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes this evening. :)

    1. Thanks, Clare. I didn't know pancakes were a thing on this day! I know that it's National Pancake Day over here, and wondered why. :D Too bad the original intent isn't there. But I did make some Saturday, and some are in the freezer - hmmm.

    2. Oh yes! Just about everyone in Britain has pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. There are pancake tossing races all over the country as well. Originally it was a way of using up rich foods like eggs and fat before Lent. These days, hardly anyone fasts in Lent but we still have pancakes!

  2. I am so happy to hear that Dolly is feeling better!!! Blessed Tuesday before lent!! Our lents are very much apart this year, ours does not happen fully until March 15!! But the shift towards Lent has begun as we had the Gospel with Zacchaeus which is the signal for the 3 weeks before Lent are near!!