Monday, June 22, 2020

lost it

Well, I just deleted all the photos I took this month. By accident, of course - the whole folder for June 2020.

except this one

This morning I put our Dolly in my bedroom window and she saw something which interested her. I looked out - a rabbit inside the garden!  My brother went out and discovered an opening near the bottom so he closed it up. Later, the bunny came back with a baby! They contented themselves with the clover flowers rampant in our grass. This was at the heat of the day, and a very humid one, in the nineties. I didn't know they moved around at that hour. I did have a picture of the clover. Gone.

I had a photo of farmer's market strawberries, with which I hope to make freezer jam. Lost that one. I found some instant pectin around the house, but it's not the low-sugar kind. I'll use it anyway, and it will be sweeter than I care for. And I will buy the other stuff next time. Actually, these strawberries, which are soft and so juicy, are not sweet. So, maybe it's not such a bad thing to have the wrong pectin this time! 


  1. Oh no! I hate it when I do daft things like that. You know the expression 'I could have kicked myself'? I'm glad you managed to save the pensive Dolly picture; it's very sweet. We are having bunny trouble here, too.
    Make sure you take a photo of the finished freezer jam <3

    1. Daft! An excellent word. Critical, but charmingly so. I don't think I can be upset about the bunnies, Clare - they are too cute, especially the baby! And they haven't got back in. In fact, I keep thinking we should have planted some things around the outside of the fence for the creatures to feast on - why didn't we think of that?
      I made some strawberry ice cream and got bogged down with other things; now I'm too tired to make the jam. As long as the rest of the strawberries keep, I can try another day. :)