Tuesday, December 18, 2018

letting him take root in us

"For most people, God is non-existent, because they know of him only words empty of meaning and alluding to a master, a pharaoh, to a limitation, to someone who spells a threat for them. They do not know that, at the heart of their heart, a loving Presence is waiting for them. And, if they do not know this, it is often because our life is so similar to theirs that they have never had the slightest suspicion that we carry in ourselves a treasure capable of changing the whole universe, and that we hold in our possession the revelation that leads man to himself.

In the same way that we cannot hang love on a coat hanger, nor hide the truth under piles of sheets, we cannot reach God without letting him take root in us. In order that God may become a reality of history with some weight, holding the first place, drawing and directing all our lives, he must necessarily take root in us through our willing consent to offer him our whole existence as a space in which his Life may prolong itself."

                                                  -  Father Maurice Zundel,  from Magnificat, December 2018

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