Thursday, November 1, 2018

candy with heart

So we had 161 trick-or-treaters last night; it goes up a little every year, it seems. We were relieved Mr. Kibble didn't seem bothered by the comings and goings. But there's too much candy left - and of course it's all stuff we like. I definitely ate too much today and now it must be passed on.

Yesterday Katie brought in candy corn for the library patrons - candy corn does not tempt me, only chocolate candy calls to me. But it's a favorite of hers so she was having some when she found

one that had a heart on it! At first I thought it was a randomly deliberate thing, but that isn't likely, is it? One?  So it's a very funny fluke, but of course it brought Val to mind, Val who looks for hearts everywhere, and who lives very near the site of the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh. May God give comfort to everyone involved!


  1. How very strange if it is a fluke! I will add my prayers to yours for the people of Pittsburg.

    1. That is good of you, Clare! I assume the candy is made assembly line fashion, so maybe a little blob of white fell on it this way??

    2. I love this, Lisa. :) And I still owe you an email. Thank you for your words and heart. ♥