Sunday, November 4, 2018

blue today, rain tomorrow

Today we went to visit an older lady who used to live in our neighborhood - she had moved south thirty years ago but has come north again to an assisted living place. The day was beautiful; there's lots of russet, but also reds, now that the burning bush (euonymus) has turned. I'm told it's invasive, but it makes such a beautiful display in November - I love it.

The place was very prettily landscaped, and there a few of these trees around -

medium sized, filled with red berries. It was stunning, whatever it is.

At home I planned to bake some fish, which is my Sunday dinner go-to when pressed for time. Well, the cod wasn't thawed, but the freezer came to my rescue: I found some leftover chicken parts and macaroni and cheese; I cooked green beans and heated a bit of soup from the other day. It was enough!

I haven't said much about Mr. Kibble lately - but, I was amazed when my brother told me Mr. K is rubbing against his legs and the food bowl when he feeds him! My brother crouches down near him with the food and he acts just like a cat - I saw it! Of course, when he walks by him on the back step, Kibble "attacks" his legs, as usual. Funny fellow.

Rain (again) tomorrow.   "But rain, I've been thinking, is to plants as love is to men. They never have enough of it. ...Does anyone ever have enough love and attention? I myself have not yet discovered a person who could not accept a bit more. ..It might well be the cure for every evil." - Gladys Taber
I suppose I should try to stop complaining about so much rain, and think of it as plant love.


  1. I'm glad you found something to eat. I don't know what I'd do without my freezer! The way to Mr Kibble's heart is obviously through his stomach. Your brother must feel so pleased that Mr Kibble is able to respond in a cat-like way to him!

  2. I hope we get enough rain this winter to feel well-loved here in the arid West!

  3. I loved reading what you made for Sunday's meal! I wish I could make more meals like this one! :) I rarely have a Sunday meal (14 years or so of not) as we eat our lunch at church and catch up with friends there (I did the same in Ottawa)... Today is colder and I am thinking a simple soup for lunch would be a good thing! I really enjoyed reading this post, enough that I kept it in mind and found it now to finally reply to it! Every week is different in what we have time to keep up at! :)