Thursday, November 15, 2018

an early winter

We're having our first snow, as I write this. It's kind of early. It's been colder than mid-November usually is, but the early part of the month - at least - was very nice.

a bright afternoon from the other day

I'm a sucker for nicely photographed food, and today I tried something torn from a past magazine. Baked butternut squash, with the flesh scooped out and mixed with goat cheese and toasted hazelnuts, topped with sage leaves, and baked again. It was just okay. But I suppose with the amounts adjusted: less cheese, nuts sprinkled on top, maybe, and don't eat the sage leaves whatever you do    
(bitter!), it might be very nice.  Oh, well.

I also made bread today. I don't want to eat bread a lot, but I love to make it. A dilemma! I decided to keep making it - breadcrumbs are always handy, if it comes to that. 

Mr. Kibble's hutch is off the ground, about ten inches, I think. I think he'll be okay in the snow - we may get that much before it turns to rain. We are concerned about how the winter will be for him in there.


  1. I know all about making something and then, well, it just not being as good as it sounded or looked! The pasta that I remember as perfect I did not like at all the other day (though I am newly on a lactaid dairy pill and forgot to eat it with my first bite so that may have been part of it)... it was better today as leftovers and is now gone! I do hope Mr Kibble will be OK this winter! I think of those who do not have a good place to be in winter, it is unthinkable to me, all the suffering! Lord have mercy!!! also I love that cheery picture! :)

    1. Yes, there is much suffering in the world. My brother has been putting more layers of fleece bedding for Mr. K, and there are three heated cat beds in there - not that he needs three, but they add extra warmth; he's got clear flaps on the openings to keep out the wind and some insulation on the ceiling. There's a thermometer in there, too.

  2. I love the photo! There are certain places I love to look at in my home and garden that give me great satisfaction, especially if lit by a sunbeam or (indoors) lamplit in the evening.
    Your snow is very early! I hope it doesn't cause problems. We are due some cold weather next week.
    Poor Mr Kibble out in the snow. I am glad you have provided him with shelter. :)

    1. Yes - the light is more appreciated this time of year. The snow hung around so long, considering how much rain we've had, and the temps were above freezing. Until today, that is: only in the 20's, and single digits tonight!