Wednesday, June 20, 2018

pretty, whatever it is

Outside the kitchen window used to be a forsythia, which got overtaken by a wild rose - was that link photo just taken a year ago?

Because that seems to have been totally replaced by this - something. It was windy, so hard to get a clear shot, but so beautiful!


  1. How strange! I wonder what it is! Does it have a scent?

  2. No scent, Clare. But the other day someone left some books at the library, and there was an older field guide to wildflowers, so I grabbed it. I'll see if it's in there.

  3. Those are some lovely blooms. I'm not so good with remembering plant names (working on it, but they don't stick like birds names for whatever reason). So, there is a lot of "Oooh, that's pretty," from me. :)