Friday, April 6, 2018

two quick snows and a wet cat

March went out like the veriest lamb of lambs. I had taken Holy Week off with an intention of doing spring cleaning. I've never done it this early but suddenly realized it might be a good thing to get it mostly out of the way before it became too nice out. I did quite well with that plan, but I was looking for the nicest day in the forecast to go outside and prune the roses. Saturday turned out to be the day;  it was so warm and sunny I had to remove my sweater and go dig out my sandals.

I cut some branches of forsythia and forced them in time for Easter, then stuck them in the "urn" in front.

They look as well today as they did Sunday, and considering the weather we've had... 

Monday early it began snowing, and snowed for a few hours, covering everything like this. By the end of the day it was mostly gone.

same day!

April snow. Which has been known to happen in these parts. Like again today, for instance. It snowed from late morning with big fat flakes, but didn't accumulate.  I didn't take pictures. A true spring is an elusive thing here - we really never get them properly.

We discovered that the Library Cat doesn't mind water - he sits in the sink under the trickling faucet and laps it up, not minding his wet coat.

He is lovely.


  1. That Library Cat is quite the character! Hooray for you with your spring cleaning over and done. What a good feeling that is. Soon the snow will be gone for good, but the pictures were nice. I love spring snow! It is gone so quickly!!

  2. We always get fairly changeable weather but not usually the extremes of temperature that you get. At long last we have had some warmish weather but I have been cleaning indoors and haven't been able to take advantage of it.
    The library cat has a very sweet face and isn't it strange how cats love drinking from taps/faucets? Most of the cats I know/have known will also drink water from a glass at every opportunity!

  3. Those paws! 'Like he's stepped perfectly into white paint! ♥

  4. I've not thought to bring in a sprig or two of forsythia. What a good idea. Your library cat is so funny. Obviously feels quite at home.

  5. One of our new kittens--Wyatt--loves playing in the sink. I'll have to post a video of him. I hope your Easter was happy and blessed. That forsythia is just lovely; I've noticed it beginning to bloom in the last week. I still need to prune my roses--I am little behind on everything these days. It's been a couple of weeks since you posted; I miss you and hope you are well.♥