Sunday, February 26, 2017

like June

Spring has gone away, and it's winter again now. But not before we had two more days of warmer, and yes - even balmy! - weather.

I had to work Friday, and patrons were coming in and saying it was over seventy outside, but we enjoyed it, too. We opened the front door and some windows and let the breezes blow in.

Yesterday was the same, though it wasn't supposed to be so warm. It was wonderful, and the sound of the blackbirds squeaking and creaking (what they sound like to me) was almost enough to fool me into believing spring had come. This doesn't happen too often. I'm grateful. Today it was thirty degrees cooler.


  1. Such strange weather! It must be hard to go back to winter after having had a taste of spring.

    1. Well, it isn't winter (again), Clare! It's 50 already, and will be near seventy again by Wednesday. I think winter comes back on Friday. :D My daffodils' leaves have come up!

  2. At least you won't get bored by the weather! I look forward to a day when I can open up the windows and doors to let the temperate air in... probably (maybe?) within a few weeks... But right now we are having a real cold spell.